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Stanza is a marketplace that connects office owners with those in need of flexible workspace. Whether you're a large company solving hybrid working for scattered employees, or a startup looking for flexible space to match your growth, we can help you find the right space in the right place. Our hosts offer desks, private offices, conference rooms, with terms ranging from hourly to monthly.

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We help you find the best workplace for you. Search among our flex space hosts or let us help you find spaces customized exactly for your needs.

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Private Offices
Need a private space to get away from the home office? Looking for an office to rent month to month? Our hosts offer multiple options to meet your requirements.
Conference Rooms
Find conference rooms available near you! Great for meeting with clients while on the road, or running on-demand team meetings for remote workers.
Multiple Options
Our listings include a full spectrum of offerings, from premium co-working spaces to affordable private offices hosted by companies willing to share their space.

Your space. Your rules.

Sign up as a host and make money on your extra office space

Stuck in a lease with too much space? Make money on your empty offices by hosting users looking for flex space.

Stay in control of your space

As a host, you control the pricing, amenities, access, and approvals for all requests. You decide on the hours and acceptable behaviors & conditions you want to offer.

Make money while looking for a tenant

If you're trying to sublease your empty space, our users can rent it out while you search for a tenant. Once you sign a new subtenant, we'll move our users to a different empty space!

Turn your empty space into co-working

We can help you easily turn empty space into co-working areas for anyone local looking for flexible offices. Open desks, conference rooms, and private offices can all be rented out as you see fit.

Multiple options to meet your needs

Whether you have remote employees scattered throughout different regions or teams looking for places to collaborate, we can help you find the best workplace for your unique situation.